Boy Bastos – an Online Shame

I stumbled accross Pinoy Ambisyoso‘s site and found an article about boybastos, the website on news headline on pornography accusations. Don’t even bother searching for the site. It’s been taken down for good. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the news.

I’ve not seen the website in question but from the news itself, the accusation was quite worrying if that is the truth.

Furthermore, in an attempt to get away from the responsibility,

the original domain name registrant was apparently been tampered and have placed Loren Legarda‘s name instead.

Now how terribly cheeky is that.

Legarda’s Anti-Computer Pornography Act aims to “reinforce the war on electronic smut.”

The proposed bill will make “any remote computer facility operator, electronic service provider or electronic bulletin board service provider to knowingly transmit, offer or attempt to send any communication that contains indecent material, to a person under 18 years of age” unlawful.

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