KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez Team Up

TV giants ABS CBN and GMA 7 had always been great rivals. Exclusive artists, celebrity hopping, rating competition and all. I must admit I’ve not witnessed a rivalry of this level here in the UK. Competition is absolutely fine as it brings out the best of both stations and their artists. It is rumoured that talks maybe forthcoming on a KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez team up on a love movie. If you want to hear what KC thinks on this idea then watch this video.

Video courtesy of gmanews.

Should a KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez movie ensue, I can only hope that it is not just another forgettable love theme movie in the Philippine cinema. There’s got to have something more into it. If a KC and Richard movie team up will be the beginning of the end of the two giants extreme rivalry then this will be something to pursue. It would be even more amazing if they eventually co manage a movie that can truly compete in the International arena. Watch this space.

Are you in favour of a KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez team up? Drop your views.


  1. KC Conception. haha. I thought you meant this guy.

    We have a KC Conception on Guam who is a hip hop artist and Guiterrez is a common name on Guam as well.

  2. i dont like Richard FOR KC..alam naman ng lahat na sikat na sikat na SI Kc marami naman pwedeng itambal kay Kc ng ABS-CBN..hindi ko type si Richard para kay KC Concepcion.gagamitin lang nila si Kc para lang sumikat si Richard.in fairness hindi naman marunong umarte.yun lang

  3. kc

    bagay kayong dalawa for love team

  4. they’re the perfect match made in cinema heaven.
    it feels great to see two beautiful people on big screen.
    i love the pairing and it made feel young looking at them
    so engrossed.

  5. hay naku, basta kami solid kami kchard hahaha!!! we love you.

  6. hello!!! kc, maraming nagmamahal sa inyong dalawa ni chard, lahat kami dito sa bahay nanood ng FOR THE FIRST TIME and of cors aabangan namin yong next movie niyong dalawa.WHEN I MET YOU.thanks muahhh!

  7. ay nako solit talaga ako sau kc i doll talaga kita grabe talaga salodo ako sau


  8. bagay na bagay tlaga c kc and chard.

  9. jea and darielle says:

    i love kc and richard bagay kayong dalawa…..we love you…

  10. tol.swerte mo ky kc haa…

    ang ganda pa mbait matalino..walang katulad tlga yan si kc..

    richard..ingatz..nalang sa movie nyo..]

    panuurin ko yan..

    sana richard ligawan mo na si kc para wala na chismis..hehe..

    wish ko sa inyo dalawa sana maging kyo na hehe…jowkss..

    cgeh bye..god bless u more.

  11. Am, excuse me. Mr. jinksed kasi d k po magaling n critic dahil SIKAT lang po si KC dahil sa kanyang parents… OK! so kung d mo guz2 c richard at ABS k SHUT up k n lng dhil magaling c richard!

  12. oh! hello kc & chard U WER DA BEST LOVE TEAM OF ALL! love ur movies!!!!

  13. Casandra Perez says:

    chard , kc we will pray that you will have many movies to come, because you are really meant for each other, the sweetest loveteam we ever seen.

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